Tent will be set up by Michiana Tents & Events staff with No additional setup, Damage waiver or Fuel surcharge fees. only additional fees will be Taxes at 6% and Delivery. See delivery map to calculate delivery rates.

Frame tents are the preffered type of tent when setting up on asphalt or concrete. When setup requires this type of tent it needs to be properly weighted to prevent wind from suddenly shifting the tent and possibly causing damage to tent or bodily injury. All proper weighting needed will be supplied by us at NO Additional cost to the customer. Frame tents can be used in grass without any weighting but will still need some stakes to hold the tent in place, If this is the method of setup then utilities will need to be located. (CALL 811) Customer is responsible for contacting utility locate service to locate any underground utilities. Locate service is free and we recommend calling 811 one week prior to setup to complete this service.

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